Do you know your 5 Ss?

Dr. Harvey Karp, renouned sleep guru, has developed and excellent method for helping your newborn get some much needed sleep.  Here are your 5 Ss:

• Shushing-anything from lots of SHHHHHH sounds, to a hair dryer or vacuum running, to a white noise machine)

• Side lying -simply laying on the side either in your arms or on their bed in a solid suface, carfully propped so they won’t roll onto their front)

• Swinging-eitherin your arms or the car seat or a swing on the cradle setting)

• Swaddling-swaddle ’em up good and tight.  Your baby may fight it but they secretly love it.  Its discerning for a newborn to have arms and legs flailing)

• Sucking-either on the breast, a pacifier or even your clean finger will do

Sometimes you may only need one of these Ss, sometimes you may need only a few or even all 5.  These tricks work great, until your baby is about 3 months or so.


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